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 Important explanations for every-day use.

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ViestiAihe: Important explanations for every-day use.   Ma Elo 06, 2007 6:20 pm

Just to make things clear, here is a list of things people might find interesting:

Hyökkäys ja puolustus (Attack and defense) section:
Here you can find for example a list of all the armies our members have built in their own towns. They can be found in the Joukkolistaukset topic.

Resurssit (Resouces) section:
Here you can find for example a list of the resource productions of all our members. They can be found under Resurssilistaukset.

Ehdotuksia liitolle (Suggestions for the alliance) section:
Here you can make suggestions on how to improve our alliance, the Chill. You can write your suggestions either there or here! (We are at the moment voting on whether we should reward some member each month. We are probably going to have a theme for each month and reward the winner with resources.) If you see polls anywhere in our forums, just ask in the topic what it is about, if someone hasn't already translated.

In any case, just ask someone to translate if something looks interesting.
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Important explanations for every-day use.
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